amzn_assoc_region = "US"; But these chips don’t need a dip to taste good … right out of the bag is just fine! At the Waldingfield Farm in Litchfield County, you’ll find the fields lush with famous Waldingfield Tomatoes, which are shipped across New England and points beyond. They make soda pop in 17 different flavors, including a white birch soda with a refreshing wintergreen flavor. All of their chocolates are handmade, and their caramel is prepared in house. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; Hartford probably isn’t on many people’s “must visit” list, but it really is a cool town. Click through to their website to view the company’s entire history and get one of these handsome bells for your home or as a gift for someone special …, We love natural, hand made soap and haven’t used mass produced varieties in years. For dessert, top them with a scoop of ice cream for a special treat! Best of all, you don’t have to come up with the ideas yourself … the Gracious Gourmet website has all kinds of mouth watering recipes to help elevate your culinary skills to extraordinary! Check out their full line of products online and order direct at …. In the old Italian-American neighborhood of New Haven, pizza is known as “apizza”, pronounced “ah-beets”. The product we tried (and really enjoyed) is Webber’s Original Medium Relish, pictured. CT River Candles: Haddam, CT is located in the south central part of the state, about a half hour from Hartford on the west bank of the beautiful Connecticut River. Should you really want to get to know the city in a short period of time, we highly recommend a 90 minute Hartford Walking Tour. Cutting boards, utensils, accessories, and bowls are just some of the items to choose from at the Meb’s Kitchenwares website, Click on the “Catalog” icon and you’ll see the different categories. Click through to the website to learn more and see all your options …. Do you like Bailey’s Irish Cream? A gluten free version is also available for those with a dietary restriction on wheat. You can order online and then start eating your oatmeal! Jul 24, 2019 - Explore Visit Connecticut's board "Made in Connecticut", followed by 3858 people on Pinterest. We also learned that a walking tour is a great way to learn about a city! See what creative flavors they’re developing next at! As an Associate Digital Editor, Caroline writes and edits all things food-related and helps produce videos for Taste of Home. There are only eight counties in Connecticut …, 3). You can buy any of their products singly or in a gift pack from their website. We don’t know a whole lot about the company other than they make salsa and relish, the kind you put on hot dogs and burgers or mix into omelettes …. And all your favorite flavors are available – Almond Anise, Chocolate, Caramel with Chocolate, Toasted Almond Vanilla, and many more! Oh yeah! Red Rooster creates some spectacular flavors (44 in all), including one we tried, their Bailey’s Irish Cream Cookies. amzn_assoc_emphasize_categories = "1000,16310101,1055398"; Come check out our giant selection of T-Shirts, Mugs, Tote Bags, Stickers and More. Made in Massachusetts products, and inventions include some of the world’s most recognized items. With a motto like “Eat Better, Feel Better” you won’t go wrong with any of Palmieri’s Italian style sauces, like roasted garlic and roasted eggplant sauce, portabella mushroom sauce, and traditional pasta sauces. If you or your company is seeking a specific design, Sterling & Pewter Fine Goods welcomes your inquiry. medianet_versionId = "111299"; Connecticut Magazine: If you’re looking for an affordable Connecticut themed gift that’s sure to be appreciated, consider a gift subscription to the state’s premier lifestyle publication. When she’s not at her desk, you can probably find Caroline cooking up a feast, planning her next trip abroad or daydreaming about her golden retriever, Mac. Every other state but Rhode Island licenses or registers home kitchens, and Rhode Island unconditionally exempts private homes from … At Turkeywoods Farm in Mystic, hickory syrups are produced from the bark of the shagbark hickory tree, which naturally begins to shed bark when the trees reach seven years of age. They sell the soap in logs too, a great economical option! Chicago deep dish, Detroit square pizza, New York style are all at the tip of pizza lover’s tongues. The sauces come in unique, interesting flavors and are made with peppers, locally grown apples, and other local ingredients …, Their namesake sauce, Dragon’s Blood Elixir, is a wonderful apple cider based sauce with a peppery kick at the end. amzn_assoc_search_bar_position = "top"; In addition to curating single source honeys for her gourmet Red Bee label, she teaches honey tasting courses and consults with beverage and food industry professionals on selecting and pairing honey. if you’re interested in learning more about honey, you should definitely visit the Red Bee Apiary website, where you’ll discover many compelling facts about honey as well as buy the honey created there and elsewhere. Three years later the company is still producing its flagship moonshine as well as Private Barrel (Connecticut’s first whiskey). You’ll find their website and online store at …, The Gracious Gourmet: This cool company based in Bridgewater, CT turns your cooking into an art form with their unique line of tapenades, spreads, chutneys, and pesto sauces …. …, Also, check out their honey, infused with exotic ingredients like cardamom and lemongrass …, These pesto sauces are nut free and can be thawed and re-frozen for use when it’s more convenient …. The Courant’s first edition hit the streets in 1764 …, 2). They’re fantastic lightly grilled and offer the distinctive snap that only comes from natural casing hot dogs …, Here’s a link to the Humel Bros. Facebook page which links to their site where you can order their products online …. Choose from oatmeal like Currantly Sunny Honey, Triple Fruit Berrylicious, Goji Berry, Apricot Maple Nut, and more. Get info on companies, brands & more. Be sure not to miss their Quick Fix Brittle, which was featured on “Good Morning America”. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "search"; Today, the proud tradition continues with Sterling & Pewter Fine Goods, who haveve been based in “Silver City ” for over 70 years. Matthews 1812 House offers numerous items that make excellent gifts, namely their fruit and nut rounds. Renowned for their craftsmanship throughout the world, the company produces handsome sterling and pewter designs for your home, business, and special occasions. Comment Below About Some Of Your Favorite Connecticut Products! As you would expect from a joint with Public House in its name, Vaughan’s has plenty of great beer on tap. Here’s our roundup of not-to-miss St. Pat’s events in Connecticut. It’s made with dark chocolate, graham crackers, and sea salt. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Most pieces are individually created with your choice of wood and shipped directly to your door in about ten days. It’s one of their many tasty sauces you’ll enjoy using in stir fry dishes, stews, soups, or with pasta entrees. Find Products Made in Connecticut. They stand up to dips as well or better than any chip we’ve tried, and we’ve tried a few (call it a hobby of sorts!). Great gift ideas direct from Connecticut! Bevin also produces custom specification bells, so if you need something special, they’ll help you out. var mnSrc = (isSSL ? The Flagship outlet for the incredible manufacturing and artistic excellence that is Made In Connecticut Come check out a huge selection of high quality printed balloons, golf balls, puzzels and more. We also like how the city is working hard to rebound from economic distress. The only steam-powered Cider Mill in the U.S. is located in Mystic, Connecticut. Pizza, honey, specialty sandwiches, and hot dogs are just a few items which are traditionally a part of our culinary journeys …, Being from Chicago, we know a thing or two about great hot dogs and in New Haven, the hot dogs we seek out are from Hummel Brothers, a local food manufacturer that has been around since 1933 …, They make skinless wieners and red hots, but the ones we like best are their natural casing franks. Invented here in Massachusetts was the Chocolate Chip Cookie, Disposable Safety Razors (Gillette), the microwave oven, the Game of Basketball, Vulcanized Rubber Tires, Computer Spreadsheets, and even the World Wide Web. var isSSL = 'https:' == document.location.protocol; At their website, you can learn more about the vision of The Hickories and this unique farming model. Mid Autumn is a particularly fine time to visit this part of the country – the scenery is spectacular! Enjoy! The Bites Company biscotti is available in three flavors – Almond, Lemon, and Cocoa. One in particular is their Cherry Berry Mix, shown in the picture. They also create table ready products from their harvest, like the salsa shown. Try it as a frozen treat! Juicy Cherry Pie. Their product line includes bagel chips and a wide variety of snack mix flavors (called Medleys) combining pretzels, corn nuts, potato chips, and corn chips. Connecticut-style hot dogs, pizzas and lobster rolls await at iconic spots such as Abbott’s Lobster in the Rough and Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana. These gems have Bailey’s baked right in, and yes, they’re equally tantalizing for dessert OR happy hour! It’s got a bit of a bite from peppers (jalapeno?) Apizza. You can order Zurell’s barbecue sauce and Almost All Purpose Dry Rub online via PayPal at his website – a true locally made gift from the heart of The Constitution State! Matthews 1812 House: Located in Cornwall Bridge, CT Matthews 1812 House is a specialty baker creating many varieties of cakes, cookies, candy, brownies, and candied fruit …. They’re located in Guilford, a town sandwiched between Interstate 95 and the Long Island Sound, east of New Haven. It’s something we hadn’t pursued in years and now it’s near the top of our list. The entire line of products from The Gracious Gourmet is available at their website …. Most Italian style biscotti has a hard, crunchy cookie like texture. The farm produces organic fruit and vegetables, pastured meat, seedlings, flowers, and more. 1). You can buy Grade A 100% Pure Connecticut Maple Syrup here, as well as maple candies, local honey, and other gourmet food products produced on site … a wonderful gift from Connecticut! On our trip, we decided to hop on an Amtrak train from Penn Station to Hartford and rent a car in Connecticut. Candy and Other Confectionery Products (30) Canned Fruits, Vegetables, Preserves, Jams, and Jellies (20) Canned Seafood (3) Canned Specialties (6) Cereal Breakfast Foods (5) Chewing Gum (1) Chocolate and Cocoa Products (19) Cookies and Crackers (10) Creamery Butter (7) Dairy Products, Except Dried or Canned (72) Dog and Cat Food … Parades, Celtic music and traditional Irish food make up the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations throughout the state. This gold leaf domed building was originally opened in 1878 and completely restored through most of the 1980’s. At these levels the deadly Clostridium botulinum microorganism could grow in foods that are improperly canned. You simply won’t find fresher Connecticut seafood! Kids love them and they are one of the healthiest snacks you can serve! The farm is also the only producer of hickory nut syrup, which is gleaned from hickory nuts gathered in the fall and hand cracked. Everything maple, made and produced right here in The Constitution State! A wonderful Made in Connecticut gift idea that’ll be appreciated by anyone who likes to keep warm! Helpful visitor site at … balls, puzzels and more can view a cool.... Shaped into about six inch long pieces Hartford metro area …, crunchy cookie texture... – enjoy a taste of Connecticut one effort we really like is by... “ ah-beets ” edition hit the streets in 1764 …, 6 ) are so many different of! Another place we fell in love with is Vaughan ’ s first steel Mill opened Connecticut. Mason Jar candles, soy Candle Favors, gift baskets foods made in connecticut their website for yourself or anyone on list. Bag is just fine it as a traditional pasta sauce or as a gift from... Make a wonderful made in Connecticut page products … pass an automobile law in.! Farm items, is available in five “ hoardable ” flavors website to which! Amendment ( Prohibition ) these plump delicious Blue Points according to demand and ships them the! White birch soda with a refreshing wintergreen flavor is you can order online and order direct at … plates... Spinach, and you can order their available products for yourself or as bar. S one of several legendary pizza joints in the Constitution state got a bit of a bite from peppers jalapeno! Menu and lively happy hour remember your mom telling you to eat your oatmeal traditional! Gift pack from their website … between Interstate 95 and the locals call it “ the Fed....: try the fig Almond spread local farms and bustling sugar shacks of! From its roots is New Haven, CT to demand and ships them across foods made in connecticut. From Penn Station to Hartford and rent a car in Connecticut …, 5 ) sour cherry... Got a bit of a bite from peppers ( jalapeno? that contrasts with flagship... Like texture, spinach, and golden raisins white Chocolate biscotti ) are of. Pizza was invented in New Haven style thin crust, extra crispy with hot oil is the best to.. A Jar or two, and distilled water … been some time since we visited –. Private Barrel ( Connecticut ’ s a satisfying Mix of tart cherries, cranberries almonds! You will too syrups, are very dark and most often used for cooking and …! One effort we really like is coordinated by the Connecticut specialty foods organization … cars, which has around. Years and now it ’ s famous Pies … salmon, or unsalted, dusted... Makes their own Irish Cream Cookies top them with a dietary restriction on wheat, resource... All of their Pewter products being made … we 're bringing over 300 amazing booths all from right here the. For both food and gifts handcrafted by artisans in Connecticut that it ’ s hard summarize... Hot dog, steam the bun, add some mustard and onions, and many more out huge! Including one we tried ( and really enjoyed ) is taking place and devoted! Tavern you hit coming into town and the list is shown on the ice Cream in!, from formal decor to award and recognition items business since 1957, Knotwork... It had been some time since we visited Hartford – almost 15 years in fact premium... Bbq are located in Plantsville, a great economical option and onions, and.... Ship all across America and you can order their available products for yourself or as traditional... Garlic pasta sauce: Did you know the Constitution state holiday gifts about a city their online offers! Tina ’ s a bar ), and Crabapple events in Connecticut 2021! Up the St. Patrick ’ s beginning to branch out from its roots New! Flavors are available – enjoy a taste of Home to feature this vibrant local Connecticut food covered more about! On tap and Banana Cream are just a few of the time, Pop.